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We have a variety of ways to get involved!  We are seeking volunteers, interns and a part-time seasonal technician to helps us during the 2021 Baby Season!

Community Alert:
Pine Siskin Salmonellosis Outbreak


NSCC Covid-19 Response Plan 

Dear Community,

At this time, we are taking all necessary precautions to protect the health and safety of our volunteers and the public. We are taking the current pandemic very seriously and want everyone to be safe. In addition to heightened biosecurity measures in our facility, we have canceled all April community outreach programs and suspended all volunteer programs until further notice.

At this time, WE ARE ACCEPTING BIRDS. We have temporarily changed our intake policy to the following:

1. Intakes are by appointment only. You must call or text us first at 707-484-6502.

2. We will ask you to provide specific information to help us complete our patient intake record BEFORE you arrive at our facility. We can do this over the phone or via text. This information is a necessary component of our intake process.

3. After we have received the required information, you may bring us the bird in a secure box. The box must be SECURELY CLOSED without any possibility of the bird escaping regardless of its health status.  This is absolutely critical.  An injured frightened bird can muster up enough strength and energy to squeeze through a hole or leap out of a poorly secured box.  PLEASE secure the transport box.  Follow our “prepare for transport” instructions on the “I found a bird” page .

4. When you arrive at our facility, place the bird (still contained in its transport box) in the designated drop off enclosure to the right of the garage. Please do not transport birds in a crate, pet carrier or any item that you need returned.

5. Please text or call us as soon as you drop off the bird so that we know it has been delivered and is waiting to be brought into our clinic.

Please call us at 707-484-6502.  Thank you.

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